A dioráma görög eredetű szó, három dimenziós (3D) művészeti alkotást jelent. Több mint a makett, mivel az csupán egy valós vagy tervezett objektum pontos, méretarányos másolata.

When I was a little girl and prettied my doll house, and then later, studying physics, installed electric lights, it had never occurred to me that one day I will translate this handicraft knack into an art form. Today, my grandchildren play with the storied doll house that my daughters once got for Christmas and which their girlfriends admired. Perhaps it was no accident that sometime at the end of the Nineties, very early in the morning on Saint Nick's Day, I found a letter on my windowsill penned with red ink. Santa Claus, who in Europe visits the children on the 6th of December, wrote to say how much he would like to receive a gift and how marvellous it would be if he could have a maquette of his own room - something he had always wanted. Needless to say, I was only too happy to oblige.

And so it began. Gradually, there were more and more tiny three-dimensional creations, the dioramas, reflecting a variety of themes, ranging from childhood, nostalgic memories, living spaces and even buildings. While getting my PhD. in pedagogy and building a career took up most of my time, I always endeavored to take time out for this hobby that is so dear to me. Although each piece is quite time consuming, it is at the same time a relaxing activity. My fantasy takes flight while doing each piece, what to make and what goes where. Wherever I may be I am on the lookout for tiny objects that may come in handy for one of the installments.

Between 1999 and 2010, I had a chance to display my art, in twelve different exhibitions along with the artists of the Újpest Cultural Circle, of which I am honored to be a member. In July 2009, I had a joint exhibit in Balatonfüred, titled "Füred Anno," with the well-known graphic artist Zsuzsa Somos. My first independent exhibit was in Kiskunhalas in 2010, when the István Bibó High School hosted the show under the title "Microworld," for which I remain grateful. And in May 2010, I was honored by my hometown when it staged the "Greetings from Újpest" exhibit of my dioramas.


The doll-house


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